Every year all paint companies and color experts reveal their color of the year to represent the shade that will follow the upcoming trends and designs. Using fashion, furniture, art, culture, and environmental trends from around the world these chosen colors always impress. We have compiled a few of our favorites for 2022 from companies that include PPG, Sherwin Williams, Behr, HGTV, Pantone, Glidden, and of course our partners at Benjamin Moore.

As you can see many of the chosen colors of the year for 2022 are some shades of green and fairly neutral for the most part. Following the pandemic experts expect color trends to be more serene and earthy for 2022. The stresses of Covid-19 and the quarantine time spent inside our homes have changed the outlook for interior design to be more simplistic and comfortable.
Top Shelf’s 2022 interior color of the year is Sherwin Williams Escape Gray. With a rich blend of earthy neutrals and a soft green hue, Escape Gray is a relaxing pop of color you can add to your home for the perfect atmosphere. You can add some minimalist wall art to really complete the look with this relaxing color. For a bold statement add some yellow or brown accents to the wall and complete the look. Once of the many reasons we chose this color is for its versatility. You can use Escape Gray in a bathroom for a spa feel or you can transform your dining room into a more formal look with the elegance of this color with a clean white trim. Let us know what you think about our 2022 interior color of the year choice on our Facebook page.
Blues, greens, and beiges are becoming more popular for kitchens in 2022 with an accent of course. Top Shelf’s color of the year for cabinets is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove with an accent color or island color of Downpour blue. We have seen a surge in requests forblue accents throughout 2021 and we know it will continue into 2022 and become this year’s trend for kitchens. You can pair this cabinet color combination with a variety of wall colors to blend or pop in your gathering space.
Neutral tones such as Benjamin Moore Pale Oak on your walls will give you an earthy minimalist look while Coventry gray (pictured) will give a more modern open feel to the room. This color combination was chosen for its unique and luxury feel as well as the versatility of the colors.
For the exterior of your home our 2022 choice is Belvedere Tan by Sherwin Williams. We chose this color for its subdued, calming, nature style feel. You can accent Belvedere Tan with a dark brown tone, white, navy or even black for a one of a kind look on your exterior. Accenting front doors in big bold colors is a growing trend that can really make a statement on your home. Pairing Belvedere
Tan with a bold red or black front door can give you the curb appeal you have been looking for without the commitment of a bold dark color. Belvedere Tan on your exterior also has the benefits of being neutral which will hide most dirt and debris and its light enough to reflect heat to give your paint longevity compared to a dark or bold color.
Following the pandemic, we think home has been given new meaning to most of us and like the design and color trends the family dynamic has also shifted as of late, and more people are spending more time at home with the family. This change is not only reflected in design and color trends but buying habits and every day living as we know it. Pale hues are becoming more popular, and they are being paired with a botanical or minimalist look. In our opinion there is a 1970’s vibe that is being revived as you can see with the blending of colors such as grays and browns together and greens and purples together.
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your favorite colors for 2022.