Following the stress and quarantine of the pandemic, many people are spending more time at home. With this life change, comes huge interior design changes that follow. More people are looking to make their home calm, comfortable, and simple. Many of the trends have a 1970’s style vibe which is interesting as people spent more time at home during that time and there was a bigger focus on family in the home as we have been seeing as of late.

Furniture trends for 2022 are leaning more toward the high-quality antiques that have been restored and updated. You will see more colors and textures on furniture as well as a focus on comfort. Colors on furniture will also be a big change as you will see greens, yellows and blues that are reminiscent of the 70’s era. We will also see more shag style area rugs that personally we at Top Shelf LOVE!
Minimalism will be the design trend for most home interiors as we declutter with our extra time at home. With more people having created a home office that is a daily workspace the need for space has become more important. As people start to declutter their homes you will see a need for more textures to give that serene, calm, home feeling. Wallpaper and textured wainscoting will be a trend that comes back to give you that feeling the minimalist décor sometimes is lacking. Adding an interior plant in one or two rooms will also be a 2022 trend as it goes with the serenity we have been needing after the stress of the pandemic is wearing off.
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