When refinishing your basement ceiling there are 3 main options to choose from, drywall, drop ceiling or painting. When making the choice of which to use for your home your must consider; moisture level, budget, accessibility and finished look you are wanting. Check out our in-depth analysis below and you can be sure to make the right choice for you and your home.


Drywalling your basement ceiling will give you a smooth finished look to blend with the main area of your home. However, there are many drawbacks to having a drywall ceiling in the basement most of all the lack of access to electrical and plumbing you will have. Not having access to these major components of your home can make it difficult to repair any issues that may occur in the future as well as adding any electrical, cable, alarm or ethernet lines that may be needed. Another drawback is the cost of drywalling your ceiling is the cost of the labor and materials. Drywall is the most expensive way to complete your ceiling and the most expensive to repair if needed down the road. Depending on your basement budget this may not be the way to go for you as those funds can be used to upgrade finished elsewhere in your basement however if you are looking for a higher end finished look this is your optimal choice.

Drop Ceiling

Installing a drop ceiling in your basement is the most common way to finish the ceiling as it gives more of a finished look without the cost of drywall and with accessibility necessary for repairs. A drop ceiling is a metal frame made specifically for your space. There are mineral fiber tiles that fill the space for the ceiling made from mineral fibers. A big drawback to a drop ceiling is the final look you will have with a drop ceiling as it gives a commercial or office feel to the space. Another big drawback is the maintenance required with the drop ceiling tiles. Another drawback to having a drop ceiling is the maintenance that is required for the tiles. Since they are made of a mineral fiber, they are prone to absorb moisture and are not washable. Once there are stains or moisture you will have to replace the tiles to remove the stain or smell which can be an issue depending on the age of your ceiling to match the existing tiles. A drop ceiling is a more affordable solution to your basement ceiling rather than drywall however if you have aging plumbing or moisture issues in your home this is not the choice for you.


Painting your basement ceiling is gaining popularity as of late with the industrial modern look you can achieve with this solution. Paint will give you 100% accessibility to all your plumbing, electrical and duct work with a clean finished look. Painting your basement ceiling is also the most affordable and low maintenance solution for a basement. If you have plans to update plumbing, HVAC or electrical or if you have moisture problems this is the way to go for your basement. Painting your ceiling will give you a smooth solid look on a budget and in much less time than the other options. If you are on a budget or looking to complete future repairs this is your solution.

Whether you are on a budget or wanting a high-end look for your basement there is a ceiling solution for your home. Considering all three options weighing the pros and cons what is your preferred basement ceiling solution? Let us know on our Facebook page or give us a call today  for your free in-home estimate.