There are many options when finishing your basement floor that can give you that completed home look on every floor. The most common floor coverings used are tile, carpet, and epoxy. The best floor covering for you will depend on your humidity or dampness in your basement your basement can a great floor covering solution for homes that have a completely level and very dry basement. There are unlimited tile styles, sizes, and colors you can find to make a one of a kind look for your space. Tile should be installed by a licensed contractor for longevity and proper technique.

If your floor is not completely level tile will not work for you as it will crack when not installed on an even surface. Tile can also retain water under the tiles and cause mold or mildew eventually if there is any moisture or water in your basement. Tile replacements can be hard to find as they are always changing, so if you need a replacement for a broken or loose tile in the future this can create a problem down the road. Tile is also the most expensive way to finish your basement floor and tough to maintain, however if you are looking for a customized floor coating and have a low moisture content this may be the option for you.

Carpeting your basement floor can be the most cost-effective way to cover the bare concrete floor in your space. If your basement has a high moisture content or occasionally floods this may not be the option for you. Many people consider indoor-outdoor carpet in the basement however it is not a great solution as it is not.