When having work done at your home or office, choosing the right company to complete the work is often the hardest part. There are nightmare stories about choosing the wrong contractor that can have costly consequences. Some key things to consider when choosing your contractor include online business presence, client testimonials and photos, online reviews, time in business, location and of course your first impression. Looking closer at each of these areas should help you make the right decision the first time before it is too late.

The presence of a business shows you a lot about the business you are looking at. Beginning with a basic google search of the business name and address can reveal if the business you are looking at is legitimate. It should also show if they have a website, reviews and where the business is located. Yesterday I had a customer ask me if I was familiar with a certain painting company and I was not familiar with them. So, I completed a simple Google search and found the business had a website however it was very basic
which can be fine in certain circumstances however it made me look a little closer. After noticing the address on their website, I searched Google again for the address and found that the business address they were using was an abandoned looking garage in the middle of nowhere and that 3 other businesses were using it as well. This of course made me shudder and I immediately sent the questioning customer what I had found. Just a couple minutes saved this customer from encountering a nightmare contractor.

When looking at a business website there are some key elements to focus on to determine if this is a company you would like to
do business with. First does the website look like it has been thrown together haphazardly and in a hurry? That may be your first clue. Also, you should note if there are any real client photos, reviews or testimonials and references to show the work they have completed in the past. There should be sufficient contact information easily accessible to you on the home page of the website including a phone number, email or contact form and address. I also like to look for how long they have been in business which should be a testament to their reliability  and stability. While there are always businesses just starting out, this can be a red flag if it does not match previous information, you have been told.

Finally, what is your first impression of the business and your contact person from the business? Don’t take a first impression for granted especially when deciding who to conduct business with. From the first contact to the website and in person estimate they all give you some type of impression on what your decision should be. Personally, I always listen to the person I am in contact with first to determine if I believe they know what they are talking about and know about the business, then I will assess the person they send to my home to see if I do instinctually trust them. Did they drive a vehicle that leaked oil in my driveway? Did they look like they are a professional I feel comfortable having in my home? Were they professional when giving me my estimate and did they listen to my wants and needs?

These are the biggest determining factors I use when I am first meeting with a contractor or a company. The final determining factor for me is the estimate I am given. Let’s be honest it is 2022 and if you are getting a handwritten estimate, you are not dealing with a
legitimate business. I would never accept any kind of handwritten estimate for anything! I expect to have a digital copy of an estimate provided with a detailed description of my project including what materials will be used.

Choosing the right contractor can be quite a task if you are unsure what youshould be looking for. Hopefully this information will help you to avoid the nightmare contractor in the future and fins a reputable business to help in all your home and office needs. If you need some help with choosing a contractor please feel free to reach out to us at info@topshelfus.com .