With the new design trends for 2022 emerging, we have been noticing many interior designers are going back to wallpaper. The debate on wallpaper versus paint is a decades old debate on which is “better” and why. There are many factors that go into this debate that every homeowner must consider. Considering cost, maintenance, humidity, ROI, and how often you like to change up your home will be the determining factors on which is better for you and your home. Research is key before adding wallpaper or paint to your home as it will be costly to change it up if you do not like the result.


The pros and cons of wallpaper are oddly similar depending on the type of wallpaper you are using. The pros of adding wallpaper to your home include the durability (with high quality wallpaper) as it can easily be scrubbed down if something gets on it. The varieties of wallpaper are also a huge pro in comparison to paint. You can choose from unlimited styles, colors, designs, and textures that can accent any décor style. Wallpaper is also an easy way to cover unfinished or damaged walls in your home with little preparation. Other types of wallpaper can be used as a temporary wall covering and can be easily removed for short periods of time. These types are not meant to be permanent as they will not last more than 8-16 months.

The cons to wallpaper in your home are also heavily dependent on the quality of the wallpaper you are using. As with paint we always recommend going with a high-quality product for a long-lasting proper result. The price of wallpaper compared to paint can be upwards of 5x the cost of top-of-the- line paint. A professional is always recommended to install any wallpaper to ensure it is lined up perfectly and the adhesive is used properly. Hiring a wallpaper installer is also a much higher expense than hiring a painter as this is a less common profession and requires a high level of skill and precision.

There is also a great deal of maintenance required if you are looking for a long-lasting wallpaper because over time the edges will begin to separate and need to be glued down again. Touch ups are also a tough job on wallpaper especially if there is a texture or pattern as it will need to be lined up perfectly. Wallpaper is not recommended for any bathroom, basement, or kitchen because water is basically the enemy of wallpaper. Humidity in the air or room can cause the adhesive to fail and the wallpaper to begin to prematurely peel and separate. Finally, changing out your wallpaper is a huge project as most wallpaper’s will damage walls and require extensive work to remove and repair the damage that is left from the removal.


Pros and cons to painting your walls are generally more relatable as more people are familiar with paint than wallpaper. While paint does not come in textures or designs (without additives) there are different sheens that can change the look of a room. Maintenance of paint is very minimum as it only includes touch ups which can be an easy DIY weekend project. The ROI is probably the biggest pro of painting versus wallpaper. Painting your walls is much more attractive to a buyer than wallpaper as many home buyers look for freshly painted walls rather than an intricate design of wallpaper that is limited in designing around. Paint is easy to change and much less expensive to DIY or hire a professional to complete. When painting in your home as always, we do recommend choosing a high-quality paint for long lasting, washable results.

The preparation of your walls for paint is minimal and only consists of filling any dents, holes, and imperfections. Depending on your skill level this process will only take 1-2 hours with the entire projects being completed in less than a day whereas wallpaper can take up to one week including preparation and installation. Paint is a permanent wall covering that is not easily removed but is easily painted over with no damage to your walls or your home. Paint can also be used in any room in your home with no humidity or temperature limitations. Being less expensive, more versatile and having a much higher ROI may make painting the right choice for you.

Whether you choose paint or wallpaper for your home, the options are endless to design the home or room of your dreams. The design trends for 2022 including more wallpaper than prior years is something most painters are dreading as they are the ones to normally remove the wallpaper.

However, many homeowners love the look of a completely customized, textured look in the home that wallpaper offers. Regardless of your choice be sure to complete your research not only on the differences of paint versus wallpaper but product options as well. As for us, we choose paint as it is non-damaging and easy to change.