With the rise in inflation, we are currently experiencing everyone is looking to save a few dollars everywhere possible. A new study on
SlickDeals.com found the average American spends 83 hours a year hunting down deals online. So, when is the best time to save money on improvements to your home or office? Winter and the holiday season!

Most contractors are slower in the winter especially around the holidays as people are not wanting the inconvenience around this time. When demand is low, supply is high, and prices fall. Top Shelf always offers winter specials and discounts for scheduling around the holidays to fill the “gaps” in our schedule.  If you are not hosting family for the holidays this is the best time to schedule your interior painting or cabinet project to save upwards of 25% on your project. Our black Friday sale is the biggest discounts we offer all year long.

Winter is also a great time to paint your interior because of the lack of humidity in the air. This will ensure the paint will dry faster and more evenly than in the hot humid summer weather. Many people worry about not being able to open windows and doors to “air” out the paint smell however if you hire a quality painter like Top Shelf, we use all top- of-the-line products that have Zero VOC’s and have virtually no odor to them.

If you are looking to save some cash and do not want to be inconvenienced through the holidays most companies including Top Shelf will offer early booking discounts and cash discounts as well. If you are looking for an exterior paint project you can book as early as January to receive an early booking discount for your spring project. When paying cash for a discount make sure you have researched the company and are giving your deposit to a reputable company such as Top Shelf.

Take advantage of these ways to save money on your home projects and painting projects with a professional. In the long run you will save much more than trying to DIY the project yourself and have a much better result that will last for years to come.